Summer is almost here and all I can think of are these beautiful Greek beaches with deep blue water.

Those hot sunny days at the Greek islands, the feeling of the cold water of Aegean Sea on my skin. Swimming for hours and then laying on the beach with the sun shining above me. And then tired and hungry under a beautiful bougainvillea or a vine, eating stuffed peppers and tomatoes with feta. And the quietness and stillness of the afternoon of those hot summer days, only the sound of the cicadas and nothing else.

And don’t let me get started for the summer nights…

Aaaaa there is nothing like the Greek summer.

And check out this place, Melanopetra at the beautiful island of Nisyros.


Nisyros and Melanopetra

Since there are still awesome things happening to this beautiful country and creative people working, there is hope that, one day, Greece won’t just be the best country in the world for vacations but also one of the best for living.





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